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We offer 100% cashback on all products as a limited time promotional offer to all our existing as well as new customers till 31st August. The maximum limit for cashback is 3,000 for total of 3 orders per user valid till 31st August 2018.

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How do I get cashback?

You will get 5% instant cashback in your DealBazi wallet once order status reaches completed. Remaining 95% cashback you will get on a daily basis directly credited to your DealBazi Cashback wallet, it may take approximately 1 to 6 months to get 100% cashback depending on your order amount. You can utilize the total amount of cashback to make a further purchase on DealBazi or withdraw total cashback amount to your Bank account or Paytm wallet. You can check the cashback process under cashback tab or navigate from your order.

How can I use Cashback?

You can use your cashback to make a further purchase on DealBazi, Buy Gift Cards, or make a further purchase.

Can I withdraw all Cashback?

Yes, you can withdraw total amount of cashback to your bank account or any wallet.

When can I withdraw cashback?

You can withdraw your cashback at any time, but once you initiated the cashback withdrawal request you will not get any further cashback for same order and your cashback will be closed.

Example: You are eligible for 100% cashback for order #77 with an amount of 1,000. You will receive 5% (50.00) instant cashback and additional 50% (500.00) in next 1 month. After 1 month if you like to withdraw your cashback then you can make a request withdraw. Sum of 550.00 will be transferred to your account and your order will be marked as closed and you will not receive further cashback for the same order.

Do I get cashback if I return the product?

You are not eligible to receive cashback if you return the product or cancel the order.

Do I get further cashback if I withdraw cashback before 100%?

You are not eligible to receive further cashback if you withdraw cashback before it reaches 100%.